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By Pervaleo at 09/01/2018



Brasília, Brazilian capital, is almost always linked to political issues and public service. But what most Brazilians do not know is the other side of the city. Pervaleo wants to show it, starting with this article, which will be the first in a series to be published during this month.

People come to live in Brasilia and see Lake Paranoá from the top of the plane, it seems beautiful, but many take years to discover how much activities the Lake offers. A more careful look and you can see canoes, some of the Hawaiian style; people swimming across the lake, SUP people (Stand up Paddle), boards and windsurfing sails, wakeboarding, jetski, not to mention the traditional weekend boat trips on the lake dam. On windy days it even has kitesurfing. The city has skateboarding in Sunday's effigy with the guys from the Long Brothers and at the Hermitage of Don Bosco. It has race and cycling group people competing internationally.

In the cultural scenario you will not only find rock, but also contemporary dance, belly dance and many styles of ballroom dancing. There are also embassy events that usually celebrate special dates with traditional and gastronomic festivals.

It does not end there. Did you know that Brasilia is considered the 'Hawaii of Free Flight', and receives stages of the Brazilian and International Asa Delta Championship? The hang gliders usually land on the lawn of the Esplanade of the Ministries coloring the landscape and bringing lightness to the place.

Brasilia also has different activities like Acroyoga, which is a contemporary blend of yoga, Thai massage, therapies and acrobatics. Brasília has a genuine Buddhist temple with yoga, tai chi with swords, kung fu and karate.

Cradle of the bands of great success in national rock as Capital Initial, Legião Urbana and Raimundos, Brasília usually receives international Jazz festivals, receives international rock and pop bands and even tenors like Andrea Boccelli comes to visit the city later this month.

It has many literary events and art exhibitions at the CCBB, Caixa Economica Federal, National Museum among other places of reference.

So if you do not know the city yet, the next time you come, you know that the walks and opportunities for fun go well beyond the Esplanada do Ministérios, Praça dos Três Poderes and Palácio da Alvorada. Enjoy this other side of the city.

Help us unravel the city.

Pervaleo wants to hear you now, tell us in the comments the best of Brasilia for me is ... our staff will elaborate articles based on the ten best ideas mentioning of course the name of those who suggested them. In the following articles, we will further detail what Brasilia has to offer us best.




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