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By Bia Bastos at 12/24/2017



Dear son, every year is a time for reflection. In 2017, I learnt new values, transformed my routine, and then, in the midst of small things, huge internal changes happened!

I started my surfing course at age 35. I have been traveling a lot more to Rio de Janeiro and there , surfing was already able to change my life, transforming my vision of the sunrise and sunset , my sense of fun, my desire to wake up early in the morning, my relationship with the sea and my taste of what is beautiful. I'm braver now and brought this to other aspects of my life.

I spoke of internal changes! Wow, the inner battles, the intense journeys into myself. The controlling Sabrina had to be deconstructed! I have found that to some extent, the others do not exist! They simply respond to your actions, emotions and thoughts! I stopped blaming destiny or the universe! I have discovered that I am responsible for my life and I have promised that I will never leave the boat again while making excuses and internal justifications.

Big dreams begin to take shape. They are already part of my daily life. Every day I believe in my Company and its success. Everyday life is no longer monotonous. But, at the same time, new challenges appeared. I listened lots of "no" this year. They were about things that matter, No about love, friendships, career and company. I had no choice but to learn to deal with frustrations and investigate my mistakes.

Talking about you, Vítor. As always, you were my biggest school and source of inspiration in 2017. You transformed my life in such a beautiful and profound way, made me more human, in the sense of admiring more humanity. Today, I understand better how complete and special human life is. For me you are the most beautiful and unconditional manifestation of love that exists. I thank you every day for your existence.

For 2018, I wish you dreams come true, skateboarding, cycling without wheels, learn to jump waves and lots stories of superheroes! May I be more and more present in your life, and may be we will be able to slow down the time we spend together! I wish you a year full of imagination, challenges, creativity and achievements!

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Bia Bastos

36 years - Founder of Pervaleo
I am an entrepreneur, who loves doing yoga, windsurfing and meditation. I write letters to my son since he was a little baby. You can read them on my personal blogspot called The world for you.





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Bia Bastos: Que bom que gostou :)
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