By Bia Bastos at 10/18/2017



Dear son, I have fears that I have never told you: I am afraid of the sea, not all the time, but every time it is rough, I am afraid of the lightning storm and I am afraid of the wild animals but I am even more afraid of a person who does not show feelings of humanity.

I am afraid of saying some words, especially, I love you. I have fear of being rejected, of showing fragility, fear of not knowing how to let it go, ...

I have the dream and the fear of parachuting. I am afraid that my business can growth too fast without giving me enough time to say goodbye to my current life and, on the other hand, for total contradiction, I am in a hurry to live soon just from my company's revenue. And what if I die without seeing my company changing the world for the better.

I'm afraid I could not adequately reward people's expectations on me, especially those who believe in me and in my crazy ideas.

I am afraid of losing the ability to forgive people and to try to see the good side of each one. Fear of forgetting who I am or who I've been.

Fear of losing my joy as a child, fear of losing the joy of life.

Fear of death and not see you grow. Fear of diseases. Fear of the lack of abundance; fear of pretending to be too strong, to try such inhuman perfection just to end up sacrificing myself too much.

Fear of not recognizing my limits and mistakes and fear of crazy adventures.  I am afraid of self sabotaging, thus sabotaging my dreams and deepest desires. Fear of saying no when I should have said yes, and vice versa. Fear of acting on instinct and then feeling the consequences of my mistakes. Too much fear!

Each day a different kind of fear. Every moment a challenge. Until I have discovered that fear limits us, diminishes our world, it ages us. It makes us smaller.

So son, I want you to control all your fears today; I desire that you will alaways be able to know how to overcome them.

By controling your fears, you are able to make a new and exciting world! It is the world where we are young forever, full of energy and vitality. In the world of non-fear, we are strong as superheroes and fragile also if necessary. In this world, you are your best friend, a spark of light for yourself! So son, today I wish you courage!



Bia Bastos

36 years - Founder of Pervaleo
I am an entrepreneur, who loves doing yoga, windsurfing and meditation. I write letters to my son since he was a little baby. You can read them on my personal blogspot called The world for you.





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