Life is a theater


By Bia Bastos at 08/24/2020




Baby, you will often hear that life is a theater. That's true! Thinking in this way we see that as soon when we are born, we go on a stage, without training and the first scene begins. That first moment is very similar for every human being! Every newborn has many physiological needs to be met, they need shelter. Childhood, on the other hand, is different for everyone, but all children have one characteristic in common: they are extremely genuine, they express themselves by looking, smiling or crying. This scene is most of the times very happy, it has a lot of joy, presence, friendship, charm and discovery!

Suddenly, adolescence begins and things change. We human beings started to have responsibilities and started to socialize. Time to enter the different characters and roles! Many people understand that wearing masks is a negative thing, but don't look at it that way, baby! Wearing masks can also be something positive, essential!

Baby, changing the mask can simply be performing the function that is required of us at that moment, it can be a parent, student, worker, sportsman, swimmer, volleyball, basketball or football player. Each role requires a different skill, why not characterize ourselves accordingly? Or why not undress to be able to wear something different, start a new act? 

You can be inspired by nature too, and when necessary, how about being strong and leading like a lion, being precise like the look of an eagle, being kind and peaceful like a panda or quick and cunning like a leopard? The human being is a complex set of personalities, desires and feelings.

Baby, we need the courage to go on stage, act, and mainly choose the type of play we are going to play in our life! The last question is who do you want to act with? Who will take the stage? We often don't choose these people, that's where the challenge is, to stage a beautiful life even with opposite people totally different from us. 

May each staged day in your life be beautiful and bring you tranquility, peace and creativity! Baby, that you know how to create the most beautiful play of all, with moments of romance, comedy, adventure and new challenges! 



Bia Bastos

42 years - Founder of Pervaleo
I am an entrepreneur, who loves doing yoga, windsurfing and meditation. I write letters to my son since he was a little baby. You can read them on my personal blogspot called The world for you.





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