When the first idea came up


By Sabrina B Fidalgo at 03/24/2020




I perfectly remember being in my bed, it was the dawn of the year 2014, August, I was already writing letters to my son a few months ago when I had started to learn about entrepreneurship.

But on this night, I had a brainstorm and a big inspiration, I should start a social network, and that website should be inspirational, encourage people to live a conscious life and to love arts, sports, and nature. I remembered that my brother told me that he would love to open a surf business.

I spent the whole week with these insights. On Friday, I decided to call my brother and told him what was happening. I asked him do you think I am getting crazy? and he answered: in no way. I think that we must do the website! So, I asked him how was his idea, and he explained to me that he loved to surf and he had a friend in the US but his friend had given up on the idea of doing the website.

I don't know how but I was able to explain to him in detail my idea. I told him we could together create this social network, but not only related to surf, but also to a healthy lifestyle. 


He accepted! Note that in that time he had a surf website project, we had no idea where to find programmers, and we had to learn how to do that.

Five years later I learned that we were ok! In a business that fulfills our desires and our soul, we are driven by mission and want a better world, so you just have to decide on what you want to do and why. The how is not important at this moment because you are going to make so many mistakes.

So if you love something, even a hobby, and you can identify a problem, a need of society. This is the right way to follow! Listen to your heart to start to build the life of your dreams where you love your Mondays and for you, it will be hard to call it a job or work.

So, these are my tips on how to find your idea of business:

1) Love is essential, because it is so hard that otherwise, you are going to give up;

2) Find potential customers who have a real need on the market, note that many times asking your customer is a good thing to do. Although it is really important after launch your company to validate your business, on this beginning, it will not bring you the right answers simply because most of the customers not even realized yet what they like or need.

3) If you decide to tell your friends and family about your idea, great chances are that they will be against it, and tell you that you should be realistic, that it is too hard, etc. The thing is that you are asking the wrong people the right people to ask are the succeded entrepreneurs, so always think deeply about who is the critic. Your loved ones just wants you happy and not be in danger. 



Sabrina B Fidalgo

42 years - empreendedora
Love meditation, yoga and windsurfing





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