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Dahvi Muggler is only 10 years old, but has succeded in many SUP championships in Brazil. So as to understand a little more of the process of training a professional competitor and with the objective of inspiring more children to engage in sports, Dahvi Muggler and his father and coach, Aldrick Muggler, told Pervaleo a little of their story.

Dahvi how your relationship with water sports started? "I always liked water, I started paddling when I was six years old, training started at the age of 7. I really like SUP, that's why I practice, it gives me a sense of freedom."

When did you start competing? What do you like most in the championships? "I started to compete in 2015. The championships bring me a lot of good things.In the competition places I discover different cultures and typical foods.The first championship of this year of the Aloha Spirit circuit was in Ilha Bela, where I had a lot of fun."

How do you prepare for the competitions? Any challenges? "When I started competing I had to change my diet a lot and feed myself a lot healthier. My routine has changed a lot too, after school I have to train, I come home, I have dinner, I do my homework and I have to get ready to go to sleep because the time is short. "

Talking about changes in routine, Aldrick, father and coach of Dahvi, says that currently the son has Monday, Wednesday and Friday trainings, timed in GPS. Aldrick, adds that healthy, whole-grain, vegetable-based and vegetable-based nutrition care is critical to better competition outcomes.

Aldrick, as father and coach of Dahvi, how has your experience been and how did you decide to take your child to the competitions? "We live in Brasilia, where we began to practice SUP, with the practice came the passion for sports and the will to compete." Aldrick says his biggest motivation for competition is the union between father and son acquired during travels, achievements and experiences. "

“In 2015, our first national level competition, we participated in the Brazilian circuit of Stand Up Paddle, with championships all over Brazil, as father and son, each one in his category, we ended up winning the second general championship, which was a lot cool. In 2017, we have been participating in the circuit of Aloha Spirit, which is a larger championship, with more athletes, despite not bringing the official title. This year Dahvi is leading. Sometimes the training is harder, but that's how we achieve better results. We believe we will finish the circuit with the title of Brazilian champion of the circuit Aloha Spirit ".  

Training and equipment to compete involve costs. Is Dahvi sponsored? "Yes, in addition to receiving the support of the family, Marcelo Morrone, the owner of the Katanka Club, played a key role in helping him by donating the board he has competed for years and by helping us to buy the new board, a recent acquisition. Onda Sup has also helped us a lot by lending the cover of the board for travel. We took this opportunity to thank them for all the support that was undoubtedly important to Dahvi's success in the competitions. "  By being a boy who already has great achievements and has plenty of dreams ahead, Dahvi will inspire other children to get involved in sports and have healthy lifestyle habits.


Article written by Sabrina Fidalgo




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