A trip to another dimension


By Bia Bastos at 07/10/2017



I went to bed this night, sure that I could fly this dawn! Yes, that's right, precisely a plan. How do you get away from dreams and become aware of where you are?

I researched for months on the Internet and books on how to get there, in the fifth dimension. With this intention, I went to sleep. I closed my eyes and, at the beginning I perceive vibrant lights in my mind. It all began with an emerald blue so bright that enyone would be sure that it was not our planet Earth. I finally took courage and dived as deep as I could.

Giant fishes with all kind of shapes and cores, house-sized corals, sea turtles and giant dolphins with their cubs. And I always enjoyed spending too much time playing in the sea, but it took time for me to realise that I was not breathing for hours.

I came out of the water and saw that people were are like us, humans, except for a fact, all those eyes were brilliant. I watched as I tried to approach them. On the beggining, I realized that in this place people are joy and serene, active, they running sports and play joyfully on the water.

I noticed that the way they lie in the sun was different, they put a palm up and closed their eyes in silence, they keep themselves alone for a few minutes. Then they would socialize again. I also noticed that the form of communication was telepathy.

As I approached, I asked a nine-year-old child in my thoughts and he replied that they were communicating like this, to avoid ruinning with unnecessary noise the extraordinary sounds of nature. Silence was something appreciated there.

In fact, I realised that listening to birdsongs, the sound of the ocean waves, and even listening the crabs moving in the soft sand was far more interesting than the chats I was accustomed to on Earth.

Suddenly, I looked at the sand, I began to see shadows of people, when I looked up: Yes, they were so many, they were flying over an island we were! They flew fast, but with impressive lightness, they shifted quickly or just let the wind take themselves to the furthest place possible.

I realized that everything was possible there! So I concentrated, I meditated for an hour before jumping off a 300 meter cliff. I planned my flight and I threw myself! It was all right, despite the awkward start, I flew over the canopy of giant trees and passed through small village valleys, where time seems to have stopped, as well as visiting the snowy mountains. By this time the sun was already set, I played among the pink, orange and green clouds. I made mounts and drawings with them, as if they were made of cotton.

Everything there was perfect, deep and beautiful! I heard violins from afar. I realized that my eyes were brillant there too, I had learned to be one of them. After spending a couple of days in this dimension, creating a fantastic reality and enjoying those moments to the fullest, I remembered that I had to return to Earth. I closed my eyes and woke up in my bed. The first thing I did? I smiled, after all, now I had learned to create my secret paradise!

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Bia Bastos

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