How to keep a good mindset?


By Sabrina B Fidalgo at 04/04/2020



The world has already changed a lot. Here we are, in the middle of uncertainty, for us small entrepreneurs the impression is that not only our lives but also our dreams are in standby. The business plan you made, if you had one, should go to the trash. No plan, no certainty. Will my customers keep buying my products? Who are my competitors now? Can I keep my employees? Am I going to bankrupt? How can I keep myself, my family and my employees safe? But, most of all: how to restart?

Our minds have much fear. Everything around us is in change. Our past, where most people live 95% of the time, is now destroyed. Our present news is full of deaths, disease, and pain. How to change? How to create something new and be inspired?
As an entrepreneur for more than 6 years now, I have been listening to lectures of the great names of entrepreneurship and coach. Jim Rohn, Bill Gates, Vishen Lakiane, interviews with Steve Jobs, J. K. Rowling, Youtube videos about billionaire mindset, millionaire mindset. I was a yoga teacher and I meditate daily for more than 16 years now.

All those studies and practice have given me some clues on how to keep a good mindset in time of storms. The first advice is to change the focus for yourself, I am talking about our inner nature, take care of your spirituality, your deepest values. Having focus on the good aspects of changing and restarting. Learn to be a leader, to negotiate better, to reprioritize, to give better answers and solutions to society. On the words of Gandhi "Be the change you want to see in the world".

Energy flows where focus goes. To construct something new, have a focus on ways to sell your product online or to deliver your service online for this period. Have ideas that will help solve the real problems society has been facing.

Maybe you can do an app where people can find their dream job, a Blogspot that teaches and give information to your customers about things you love.

Write a journal, take care of your loved ones, decide to build the future together.

The new entrepreneurship must bring good and better value for our society. The money will come back to the pockets of people who deliver the best solutions. If your company is not a startup, no problem, just do it beautifully, with high quality, but the right energy and most importantly, deliver great value.

Study solutions to your business, ways to gain productivity, focus on what you want. Do online courses and take care of your physical and psychological health. The world needs you, so just take the responsibility and be the person you want to meet.



Sabrina B Fidalgo

42 years - empreendedora
Love meditation, yoga and windsurfing





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