A dragon many years ago


By Bia Bastos at 03/13/2020



This is China 20 thousand years ago, you were on a beach near the Pacific Ocean, the wind was strong the blue and shining sky were assembled with the ocean horizon.



The waves were huge covering even the highest rock. You were using wood helping your daddy to make a boat, so you could use your rod to catch some fresh shrimps and fishes.

You were talking in Chinese. We finished the boat and mommy were coming to join us. By this time it was sunset, and we were going to the fish at night, in the middle of the darkness of the sea. Then the weather got worse and it started a thunderstorm, the clouds became purple! Suddenly, it appeared a great white shark, it started to hit the boat, so Vítor fell into the water! The shark was coming directly to eat Vítor alive, but, then, like a miracle, a great blue whale appeared and swam quickly, made a loud noise and save him! Vítor said hey come, mom and dad, you can swim fast and when you reach here we can cross the sea on the back of this beautiful whale!

Vítor's mother and daddy reached the whale and all the family saw together the shark breaking the boat.

But, the adventure did not stop, after some hours, they saw a huge shadow on the sea. And then Vítor: "What is that shadow!?" And after a loud sound, it appeared a big dragon from the depths of the sea. It fought with the whale, but we could escape and go really fast to the next island."

Then, Vítor, mom, and dad built a boat with the wood they found from their previous boat that sank on the water. It was almost morning when the dragon appeared again!
 But this time we could sail and Vítor, who was very afraid of the dragon killing us, acted very fast and shoot with the cannon, the dragon felt in the water dead.

We came back to China after 20 hours. When we arrived home Vítor told mom and dad that he discovered that it was the last and the biggest dragon in the world! 



Bia Bastos

42 years - Founder of Pervaleo
I am an entrepreneur, who loves doing yoga, windsurfing and meditation. I write letters to my son since he was a little baby. You can read them on my personal blogspot called The world for you.





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