What are some habits of super healthy people?


By Blackbandit at 01/18/2020



1. They Sleep 8+ Hours a Night

Sleep deprivation will kill you faster than a Big Mac a day.

If you want to be the healthiest person you know, treat sleep as an investment in your quality of life, because it is.

Get 8 hours of sleep a night… Period.

It’s the best thing you can do for your health and well being.




2. They Eat Mainly Whole Foods But Don’t Follow a “Diet”

Diets can actually be LESS healthy than eating a diet with some processed foods and sugary crap.

If you are skipping out on social events and stressing yourself out because you’re on a specific diet, you are actually doing more harm than good.

The healthiest people I know eat mainly whole food diets but are willing to cheat here and there so that they can truly enjoy life and feel fulfilled.

Eat clean, but don’t kill yourself here.




3. They Spend Time with Positive People

Social connection is the #1 indicator of happiness and long term well being.

Loneliness and chronic isolation are worse for your health than smoking 30 cigarettes a day (no really).

The healthiest people I know are surrounded by other positive and healthy people.

Get out of your box and spend more time engaging with other humans socially. This is a MUST for a healthy life.


4. They Meditate

Or have some sort of mindfullness practice.

Every healthy person that I know has some sort of practice to get out of their heads and into the present moment.

Whether it’s mindful walking, meditation, an isolation tank, or yoga, you need to do something to cultivate mindfullness and presence.


5. They Sweat for 30 Minutes a Day Minimum

This goes without saying.

Healthy people exercise and they exercise daily.

Get your sweat on for 30 minutes a day and you’ll feel 10x better and more fulfilled.


6. They Live an Active Lifestyle

Just because you exercise does NOT mean you are living an active lifestyle.

If you work in an office or behind a desk, punctuate your day with mini breaks where you walk around the office, do some calisthenics or stretch.

Never let more than 45 minutes go by without moving around and getting blood flow back into your body.


7. They Laugh and Smile Regularly

Healthy people are happy people. They laugh and smile on a daily basis.

Watch stand up comedies, binge watch funny Tv shows, take 20 minutes to goof off on Netflix and watch funny fail videos.

Do something everyday that makes you laugh.

It’s one of the healthiest things you can do.


8. They Are Kind to Themselves

Healthy people are kind to themselves. They don’t engage in negative self talk or treat themselves poorly.

They express gratitude and self forgiveness and allow themselves to be imperfect.

Realize that you’re human and will make mistakes and you’ll be far happier and healthier than ever before.


9. They Have Clear Targets and a Vivid Vision for their Future

The healthiest people I know all have a vivid vision pulling them towards success.

They have goals and aspirations that they are moving towards and excited about.

There’s a reason that retirees die young.

When you don’t have activities to fill your time and goals to pursue life becomes boring and dull.

Always have at least 2–4 big goals that you are pursuing, even if you’re retired.


10. They Have Close Intimate Connections

Healthy people have close intimate connections with at least one partner.

They have someone in their life that they trust absolutely and share physical intimacy with.

If you don’t have a romantic partner right now, make this a top priority.

The right partner will improve every aspect of your life (but be warned… the wrong partner will damage every aspect).



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