What is the worst way to exercise


By Blackbandit at 01/18/2020



Not working on Form and Technique

We think that the most advanced exercises when not done properly are bad for our muscles and joints, but what about the beginner and intermediate form of exercises. Common body weight and basic exercises when not properly tend to give us lot of pain. Form and technique is very important. Please pay attention to your trainer or watch a workout video.

Let me list down the most common mistakes people make at gym with body weight exercises:

  1. Plank
  2. Sit Ups
  3. Lunges
  4. Squat
  5. Hip Thrust (Bridge)
  6. Pushup
  7. Donkey Kick
  8. Side Lunge

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Not giving enough rest

Some of us are so motivated that we hit gym 7 days a week because we want to lose weight or gain muscle muscle. This not only helps you not achieve your goal but puts you in different tangent. So please limit your exercises to 4–5–6 days a week.

Book a massage or take a relaxing bath in the evening. Take a steam shower or take a hot water bath as it helps you with muscle aches and symptoms of arthritis. Even great athletes take a day off and give rest to their body, we are no exception.

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Putting too much pressure on shoulder or Back

If you’re doing 20 kgs overhead press today and tomorrow you want to try 40 kgs overhead press, please be extra careful about it as you muscle is not conditioned to 40 Kgs. Its about progression, there is a scientific rationale why one needs to progress in an order and not in anarchy.


No Flexibility

I get it that you want to lose weight or your goal is to gain lean muscle but do not ignore flexibility. Flexibility is just as important as strength. 


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Not Seeking Medical Attention

If you’re sick due to fever, cold or common cold please take a day off. No point spreading germs and bacteria to fellow gym goers. Your body needs rests and proper medication.

Also, if you’ve a back pain or you’re injured pleas visit a nearby doctor. It’s always good to seek medical attention when the situation is not critical.

Working Out After Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner

If you want to burn more fat then go to gym before your meal time or have a banana or black coffee and go to gym. A recent study suggests that men who exercised without eating beforehand burned more fat. But if your daily schedule demands you to eat first, then give your body an hour or two after your meal before exercising.


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