What is Healthy lifestyle?


By Blackbandit at 01/17/2020



A healthy lifestyle means being healthy in various aspects of our life -

  1. Physical health - Diet - Our diet is basically anything that we eat on a regular basis. A healthy diet is whole foods, less processed foods, and having balanced meals. This means having a good balance of Macronutrients (carbs, proteins, fats) as well as Micronutrients(vitamins, minerals, iron….). Having good amounts of vegetables, fruits, leafy greens, whole grains like rice, lentils, healthy fats like pure oils, avocado/nuts, proteins like lean meat, eggs, soy. This also includes avoiding foods that cause you allergies or indigestion. For me, dairy causes indigestion as I am lactose intolerant and I stay away from it as much as possible. Some people are gluten intolerant and should try to avoid grains. This also includes understanding what you’re lacking and supplementing it; or to get to a healthy weight maybe you need less or more of some element. Knowing this and working on it is a healthy diet. A balanced meal is highly underrated and on a more generic level, I think most cuisines in the world today are very heavy on Carbohydrates like bread, rice, wheat. Focus on protein and fat should be consciously taken care of too.
  2. Physical health - Exercise - Most of our jobs are becoming increasingly sedentary. 1 hour of heavy exercise is also not enough to be healthy! Healthy activity levels mean being on our feet much more than or as much as sitting or lying down. Taking stairs, walking, household chores, playing outdoors. All of this is much more important than we think! (I have seen people trying to get to a healthy weight, they do intense workouts for 1–2 hours daily but rest of their day is very inactive and they struggle to lose weight. Increase your activity level through the day to get fitter!)
  3. Mental health - Food - Mental health has many many aspects and varies vastly for everyone. One aspect which is highly ignored is - our mental relationship with food! We often binge eat or have extreme uncontrollable cravings, less or too much self-control in food, restricting food too much or eating without any thought. All of these are not healthy attitudes to food. Our food is the fuel to a healthy body and mind. As an adult, it is very important to have a healthy relation with food, knowing when and what to eat to keep our body healthy, knowing when and what to restrict is also important.
  4. Mental health - Emotional - A major aspect of mental health is our emotions. Our emotions need to be positive and well balanced. It is good to feel happiness, excitement, humor, nervousness as well as sadness, emotional, nostalgic, stressful, scared. In short, it is good to FEEL. Being in touch with our emotions is important and healthy! And this is a very personal thing, no two people will have the same spectrum of emotions but it is important to understand our own emotions and work on them or make peace with them.

In our life, we will all go through phases with a healthy body but not a healthy mind or a healthy mind but not a healthy body or unhealthy body plus mind or healthy mind plus body.

But a healthy life is when we can work on bringing our body and mind to a decent healthy level and we are happy with it :)



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