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Manish Mamtani is an Award winning Nature photographer. He specializes in Landscapes, Night/Astro, Aerial and Infrared Photography. He has a website http://www.manishmamtani.com where he sells his photos.

He is originally from Nagpur, India, and now resides in Boston, MA. He started photographing in 2008, when he first visited Yosemite National Park; Since then, he can frequently be found in National Parks all across America capturing the wilderness and beauty of the Majestic parks.

 Manish Says – “I do Landscapes, Aerials and Astro Landscapes for my love of Nature and infrared is something that brings out the artistic side in me. I take Landscape and Astro Landscape pictures to show how beautiful nature is and Infrared photos to show how I imagine this world to be.”

Photo by Manish Mamtani
His work has been published in periodicals such as National Geographic, Vanity Fair, Better Photography Magazine and Digital Photo etc.



In a National Geographic interview (link), Manish Matami talked about his inspirations and most difficult challenges to photograph America’s national parks.


What inspires you about photographing the national parks?

I have always been a great fan of America’s national parks. I love the way beauty and wilderness is preserved in the parks. I always feel a close connection to nature in the national parks.  I do a lot of night/astro photography and some of the national parks like Death Valley, Big Bend, Natural Bridges National Monument, and Arches provide the darkest night skies.


What was your most difficult/challenging national park photo? 

The most challenging national park photo for me was the one I shot at Delicate Arch on a moonless night. Taking the picture was not that difficult, but hiking up and down on a moonless night certainly was. I lost my way a couple of times, but finally made it to the top. The image shows the Milky Way rising over Delicate Arch with a Lyrid Meteor just at the right spot.

Photo by Manish Mamtani

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