A perfect day


By Bia Bastos at 09/15/2017



The water was freezing, despite the perfect postcard-worthy landscape. In my mind, an euphoria mixed with anxiety. I tryed to control myself. I wonder how or why, I let 20 years pass before trying to live this dream. I have always loved the sea, and as a confident and proud carioca, I have had so many opportunities to surf before. (why should I be proud?) It is Ok. I'm very happy, maybe if I  had tried before it would not be so special. I was sure that, for me, that was the best day. At the edge of the beach I hear the screams of the teacher bringing me back to reality. "Paddle far, deeper!" He said. I was brought back immediately, the waves were not small in size or for beginners. The water was freezing, I need to control my mind. All right, the teacher trusted me for some reason, it'll work. I got there and started paddling back, I did this few times before I managed to overcome my fear and catch the first wave. The board was really fast, the balance in real waves was very difficult, but I did it! I was frozen with cold and fear, and soon I, despite being so controlling, managed to let the sea take over. And now, after catching waves, feeling them and playing with them, everything is beautiful, colorful, perfect. My life is perfect.

What a beautiful surprise! I could feel all the Arpoador's energy on the skin, the waves of the sea, the sun and the constant, gentle wind. I spent hours there with a smile that did not leave my face for nothing, after all I knew that after that sunset, it would never be the same!

They say that when we connect with good energy, that good vibes all manifest in the most beautiful way! Today I am very grateful to live with more emotion, more energy, for having actually known this crazy feeling of waking up at 6 a.m. in the morning and being there in the middle of the ocean in silence sense the wind, the waves, the sun. I changed my concept, I changed my life!

So, son I wish you today, mind control and fears control, the heat of the sun, cold water and the speed of the waves.



Bia Bastos

36 years - Founder of Pervaleo
I am an entrepreneur, who loves doing yoga, windsurfing and meditation. I write letters to my son since he was a little baby. You can read them on my personal blogspot called The world for you.





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Lívia Machado: teste
Bruno22: Resposta de teste <3
Bia Bastos: Fico muito feliz que tenha gostado do texto Marcelo! Louca para voltar ao curso com vocês! Em breve estaremos na água novamente!! :) Um grande abraço!
Pervaleo: Nossa Sabrina. Q texto excelente! Esta de parabens. Eu tambem ainda vou aprender surfar :) quem sabe nas proximas ferias ....
Pervaleo: q lindo...foi muito bem para esses primeiros momentos. espero q dê continuidade. e a tendência é vc melhorar a cada aula como foi. estaremos te esperando no arpoador. parabéns!