Giving value to our lives

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Vitor, today I want to tell you about what we do in our lives. How to use every minute in the best way? Mom always thought something different had to be done. Something that seems like each of us, with our existential touch. I do not care if we have several lives or one, I do not care if we are normal people, whether we are born poor or the middle class.

The world is full of problems to be solved in a creative and unique way. Just look around you, inspiration will not miss. New poems need to be written; New waves will be surfed with boards, kites or something different; Renewable energy sources need to be created; Robots should be part of our routine in a fun and effective way soon; Spacecraft will carry humans to Mars; There are people creating musical instruments with garbage; People meditate for hours to try to be someone better and cancer hospitals receive clowns and plush dolls daily. After observing all of cool, you can look at your life, for yourself. What do you do differently?

If the answer is nothing, no problem. You can start today, and think of something simple like making your lunch! No frying eggs, I'm talking about trying to make that special Bahian or Thai dish. If you hate cooking, fine. Go skateboarding, get off your bike, go swimming, or do yoga. Then think more and more. Observe the world around you. What could exist and be really legal? How about remembering that life is light yes, but that something must be done. We were not born in offices or banks. Visit innovative labs, a museum full of fantastic paintings, an old library that has stories from other cultures or a space technology center.


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