I want to Skydive in Kauai

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I am sorry if you want to read a text written by an expert Skydiver. No, I have just the dream of doing it, and may be you have also put it on your bucket list as well. So, let’s see if, together, we create the enough courage to do it. For the past few days, I cannot explain how or when it exactly happened, I started to remember when I was 16 and pretty sure about my dream: parachuting.

Many years have passed, many dreams also occurred. But, since the begging of the week I started to realize that I really want to do it. Since that feeling came back I started to watch many videos on line and when the fear of death almost paralyzed my search, I went to sleep in my bed, pretty sure that may be one day I could go skydiving, after all, I am a mother of a three-year-old child and I was not convinced that staying at home can really be more dangerous (in statistics terms) than jumping from an airplane at 120 miles per hour, just to see a magnificent view.

Before going to sleep, I thought: Ok , I will do it at 60 or 70, not now. For now, I will stay here, secure. But life is really creasy. And guess, what? During my dreams at that night, I was having a nightmare and then I was awaken with a loud sound and very strong pain. Believe me or not, the light fixture that is located exactly on the ceiling above my bed had broken and fallen down on my leg! If it had hit my head? Wow! Message understood!

The skydivers that write about the dangerous of a daily life were right. Besides, I hate avoiding doing things just because of fear. Fear is the most limiting feelings a person can have, it totally paralyze and kill dreams. So, let’s convince ourselves to just do it?

It shall be safe, the company must be regulated and if you choose a tandem jump the instructors have to be certified as well. Once those safe procedures are followed I recommend you to choose a very special place to you. The one that will be part of one of the most beautiful and exiciting experience someone can have. I picked Kauai.

Why Kauai? When I dream about a paradise, a Pacific island with an astonish view, Kawai is the right place: There is the magnificent Napali Coast, valleys and a Canyon. This is the place to live like a bird, to fly high and dive in the blue sky! It is worth the fear, to see and feel the wind, the nature, the gravity and the sky!

The video bellow totally inspired me to just do it and I wish it will do the same with you:


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