Stories that never happened

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Welcome to the world of illusions! There we are creators of our realities, place of impossible dreams, romantic and eternal loves, where we find full happiness, where the human being, even an adult, creates a world full of fantasies.

Too bad sometimes we wake up and reality is different. But no problem, because our world, our inner emotions are still there. The feeling of almost achieving success, being it personal, professional or loving, is a cool feeling.

When reality lets us down, just save the energy. So being desapointed by someone you were interested in, may not be so bad. There are other interesting people, many others, just keep connected to live other experiences. And who said we can not give ourselves time to live a little more of our illusions?

At work the same happens, we dream of a better job, with rewards and recognition. And sometimes none of this happens and our energy falls.

You know, in adult life we ​​have many stories that come out of fairy tales to be only reality. When confronted with such a situation, Mom always tries to think whether it's worth insisting, to fight to make that happen.

If it is even important, if they are not aspirations of our head that wish something only for pride, lack or pure ego, it is worth insisting once more, but always knowing the time to stop.

And when it does not work, it's time to change course. Reinvent yourself. All good stories do not happen when we wish, okay if some of our own desires do not materialize. And at night, if you want to feel some more of that good feeling of when hope was there. Reinvent your desires, use the energy of love to build something new, use the energy of success to create something inspiring, by doing it you will be the best friends with yourself.

Leave the stories that have not happened in their place, without drama, without attachment and leave for another. Create new dreams, new worlds, new ways to love, new opportunities.

Making the transition between the world of illusions and that of reality is challeging, it has a touch of adventure and imagination. Because that is what our reality is made of, our inner and outer world mingling, creating, confusing.

Unlived stories can be as delicious as those experienced. They are part of our self-knowledge. They are part of ourselves. After all, a world without unfulfilled illusions and desires is a world without seasoning, without passion, without expectations.



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